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Equiderma Skin Lotion is known among equestrians worldwide for its ability to treat a wide range of skin conditions and ailments in horses, and it’s now available directly in the UK. A powerful treatment for various skin issues prevalent among equines, apply daily to quickly resolve rain scald or rot, scratches, mallenders & sallenders, cannon crud, sweet itch, mane and tail rubbing, and insect bite sensitivity, all of which are quite common due to the UK’s often damp climate. Suitable for the varying weather conditions in the UK, from the colder winter months to the warmer summer period, simply apply the lotion and leave on. Its effectiveness and fast-acting properties provide quick relief and recovery for afflicted horses, improving their comfort and overall well-being.

Equiderma Skin Lotion is the go-to solution for horse owners seeking effective treatment for skin conditions.

Please note that at this time Equiderma Skin Lotion is the only product available for sale in the UK. Stay tuned for future product releases from Equiderma & Barn Dog Pet Care!


Our Skin Lotion uses a unique formula that effectively combats and eliminates bacterial and fungal infections responsible for most equine skin ailments. Follow these steps for applying Equiderma Skin Lotion:

  1. Thoroughly wash the affected area, ensuring that all dirt and debris is removed.
  2. Once clean, rinse the area well and gently towel dry.
  3. Apply Equiderma Skin Lotion to the affected area using a sponge or hand towel.
  4. Leave the lotion on and let its ingredients work their magic.

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Rain rot is a bacterial skin disease in horses, thriving in warm, moist conditions. Watch for matted coats, tight scabs, and inflamed spots.

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Equiderma Skin Lotion has gained a well-deserved reputation among equestrians worldwide. Its success can be attributed to the brand’s unwavering commitment to excellence and the expertise of its dedicated team. Equiderma’s journey began with a passion for the well-being of horses, leading to the development of a product that truly makes a difference. When you choose Equiderma, you’re choosing a brand that understands the unique needs of horses and is devoted to providing top-quality solutions.

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