Gentle Giants: offering lifelong sanctuary to our nation’s abused and neglected draft horses


Gentle Giants has been leading the fight to end the slaughter, abuse, and neglect of our American horses for over 15 years. We travel to numerous public and private auctions where we outbid the ‘kill buyers’ who prey on the unwanted and sick horses and ship them overseas to be slaughtered for human consumption. With over 1,500 horses saved, Gentle Giants fights daily to protect our nation’s draft horses through direct learning experiences, social media, letters, presentations, and much more.

Each new arrival enters our rehabilitation program and is immediately vetted by our team alongside our vet who develops individualized treatment and care programs, addressing unique medical and farrier needs from canker to reconstructive jaw surgeries and more. Many of our horses have been adopted into permanent, loving homes where we follow and continue to protect each and every one of our adopted equines for the remainder of their lives. For those less likely to be adopted, we offer lifetime sanctuary at our 300+ acre facility in Maryland. We regularly house over 150 horses at a time and bring over 300 horses to safety each year.

“That stuff [Equiderma Skin Lotion] is liquid gold and the barn staff love how fast it works and that it can be applied and left on! I used it on my gelding’s pastern dermatitis and I’m amazed at how fast he’s healing! We also use the zinc paste on our horses with sweet itch and it’s one of the only products on the market that doesn’t smell awful and actually seems to sooth their skin, not just leave a goopy barrier. Thank you!”

Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue in Maryland


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