Hair loss and dandruff can be caused by environment and temperature, or by more serious issues that affect the hair follicles, such as ringworm, fungus, dermatophytes and lack of proper fats in the diet.
  • If the area of hair loss is under the mane, it could be sweating and trapped heat. Hair loss due to heat and sweat is also common on the face, eyes and around the ears, often the result of a horse's aversion to having their faces washed. Sweat and dirt accumulate, which affects the health of the hair follicle and results in hair loss.
  • Hair loss may also stem from rain rot induced dermatophytes, ringworm, and other fungi and microorganisms.
  • In the case of dandruff, the skin becomes scaly and the coat becomes dry and flaky, often accompanied by hair loss.
Good grooming practices are the key to healthy skin. However, even the most meticulously groomed horse can develop hair loss. Whatever the cause, Equiderma Neem Shampoo and Skin Lotion have a proven track record for overcoming these issues.


  • Wash area well with Equiderma Neem Shampoo and leave on for up to one hour on initial treatment.
  • For Dandruff include Equiderma Neem Conditioner – Leave on for up to one hour also with initial treatment.
  • Rinse well and dry.
  • Cover area with Equiderma Skin Lotion and leave on.
  • Repeat treatment with Equiderma Skin Lotion daily until hair begin to grow back. In most cases stubble can be seen in 24 hours.