Meet Oliver James Hudson

Oliver the Sheepdog and Barn Dog by Equiderma Ambassador

This dog’s resume is better than yours (and ours). But Oliver James Hudson is not your average dog. Therapeutic Service Provider / Wardrobe Model / Social Media Influencer BREED: Old English Sheepdog WEIGHT: 75 lbs COAT COLOR: Graphite & White EYES: “Trust Me” Brown LANGUAGE(S): English (Native); Spanish (Advanced); Hand Signals (Advanced) BREEDING STATUS: By […]

Meet Moose and Rhino, our Barn Dog Heroes

Moose & Rhino Barn Dog Ambassadors

Meet Moose and Rhino, our Barn Dog Heroes “My name is Emily and I own three Equiderma pets: my thoroughbred Arrow and my two labradors Moose and Rhino, who are both certified therapy dogs. I am an emergency room nurse and have seen the benefits of therapy dogs both in my personal life and at […]

Our Purpose

Equiderma Founder and CEO Bethany Padgett

Equiderma’s Purpose We believe the true meaning of life is to contribute something good and useful. Everyone has a gift to share. We believe love, compassion, and caring are necessities. We believe all beings have the right to love. Let’s make a difference. Life is a series of beginnings, not endings. Each of us can […]

Neem – The Village Pharmacy

Rider spraying horse with Equiderma Herbal Spray

Neem – The Village Pharmacy While Equiderma products contain many amazing essential oils and extracts, Neem is the major component in all our formulas. We find plant medicine fascinating and believe for every ailment nature has provided a solution. Neem is one of the plants that covers a vast number of ailments and imparts incredible […]

The Equiderma Way

Horse and man with Equiderma Daily Defense Dry Shampoo Powder

The Equiderma Way We believe for every challenge we face nature has the perfect solution. We believe we can improve your care for your horse – one thoughtfully formulated product at a time. Each ingredient in our products plays an important, targeted role in helping you help your horse. We seek to make a strong, […]

Think Outside of the Sand Box

Equiderma Sponsored Rider Lisa Hellmer of LCH Equestrian near Ocala Florida

Think Outside of the *Sand*Box, a Note on Dressage from Lisa Hellmer of LCH Equestrian Dressage is a sport of constant repetition, both in the movements but also in the environment we ride in. Dressage riders often confine themselves to the 20 x 60 meter arena or as I often refer to it: The Sandbox. […]

The Dirt on Shampoo & Conditioner

Equiderma Silky Smooth Combo with shampoo and conditioner for horses

The Dirt on Shampoo and Conditioner Shampooing gets rid of dirt, oil, sweat buildup, and those pernicious eggs and excrement left behind by unwanted insect visitors. When it comes to choosing the right shampoo for your equine, it all boils down to the product’s active ingredients. You want to find something strong enough to inhibit the growth of bacterial and fungal skin […]

Equiderma Neem Shampoo Video

Sulfate Free and Natural Equiderma Neem Shampoo for Horses

If you’d like to learn more about our Neem Shampoo, check out this helpful video! For more videos about the rest of our product line, head over to our Youtube Channel!  

Drafts on the Homestead by Equiderma Ambassador Angela Ferraro Fanning

Clydesdale draft horses and homesteading

Drafts on the Homestead by Equiderma Ambassador Angela Ferraro Fanning of Axe and Root Homestead and the Homesteaducation Podcast Horses offer stacked functions to the homestead in addition to different forms of equitation and companionship. Drafts and mules, specifically, can offer even more services. They are useful in a multi – species rotational grazing plan, add valuable manure to […]

Equiderma Rider Andie Sue Roth’s Advice on Tackling Tack Room Clutter

Equiderma Sponsored Rider and para equestrian Andie Sue Roth

Equiderma Rider Andie Sue Roth’s Advice on Tackling Tack Room Clutter Change is always stressful but moving brings another whole meaning to the word stress. Then, add moving horses, dogs and other pets to the mix? Craziness. Last summer, my family moved from the East Bay of San Francisco to a small agricultural town in Central […]

Alex Bauwens’s Life Lessons from the Saddle

Horsegirl Alex Bauwens performing mounted archery on a gypsy vanner horse

Life Lessons from the Saddle: How Riding Horses Prepares You for the ‘Real World’ ~brought to you by Equiderma Rider Alex Bauwens~ Not only is horseback riding fun, but it can also prepare you for personal and professional success in ways you may not have expected. Whether you currently ride horses, or you’re considering starting […]


Wolfert a friesian sport horse sponsored by Equiderma

Fly season brings no end of misery to our horses and barnyard animals. From sweet itch, summer sores and mane-and-tail-itching to truly frightening diseases like anthrax, the pesky fly wreaks havoc in our yards and stables, not to mention the pain and annoyance of biting flies. So just what exactly is the fly up to that […]

Quick Solutions for Your Horse’s Skin Problems

Equiderma Neem Horse Shampoo and Skin Lotion Combo

Good grooming and feeding practices are the key to good skin and coat health. Sometimes, this is not enough. Recognizing horse skin issues and knowing what to do when trouble comes calling is an important part of your horse’s care. Here we’ll identify the most common skin issues that plague our horses and what to […]

Thrush & Whiteline Disease

Equiderma Thrush and Whiteline Treatment application to hoof with hoof pick brush

The mid-18th century phrase “No Hoof, No Horse” still holds true for horses today.  Spring rain and melting snow result in slush and mud. This means you’ll need to pay extra attention to your horse’s hooves to prevent thrush and whiteline from gaining a foothold. Thankfully Equiderma Thrush and Whiteline Treatment can be used preventatively to ward off these infections. The most […]