Fly season brings no end of misery to our horses and barnyard animals.

From sweet itch, summer sores and mane-and-tail-itching to truly frightening diseases like anthrax, the pesky fly wreaks havoc in our yards and stables, not to mention the pain and annoyance of biting flies.

So just what exactly is the fly up to that causes so many problems for horses?

Flies carry all kinds of bacteria on their feet. They go out searching for moisture (like a horse’s eyes and face, blood, saliva, tears, mucus and open wounds). When they land they deposit bacteria, larvae, viruses and parasites straight onto our horses’ most sensitive places. This leads to sores, rashes and misery that can be hard to treat (but we can help with that!)

Tips to stay sane during fly season without breaking the bank:

  • Barn swallows, purple martins, bats, guinea hens and parasitic wasps are all creatures who feed on flies and larvae and can be encouraged to nest nearby or can be purchased to aid in lowering fly populations.
  • Fly masks, sheets and boots/leggings are great ways to help protect your horse.
  • A good barn fan will do wonders to keep your horse fly-free and comfortable.
  • Keep manure piles dry where feasible, remember that these insects are looking for moist places to do their dirty work, so keep manure and trash piles away from the barn and thin them out to keep them dry.

If your poor horse is already suffering from the Sweet Itch Blues, check out our Sweet Itch Combo! And for more helpful videos, head over to our Youtube Channel.


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