Equiderma Rider Andie Sue Roth’s Advice on Tackling Tack Room Clutter


Equiderma Rider Andie Sue Roth’s

Advice on Tackling Tack Room Clutter

Change is always stressful but moving brings another whole meaning to the word stress. Then, add moving horses, dogs and other pets to the mix? Craziness.

Last summer, my family moved from the East Bay of San Francisco to a small agricultural town in Central California. The best part of that transition was having my own tack room to organize and decorate just how I want it. The worst part? Looking through my old tack area, cabinets and deep into the depths of the barn to purge, clean and pack the items I need in our new place. Unfortunately, I had fallen into the trap of buying products that never worked like they said they would or that I had kept too long past their usability. I also had a whole slew of things I couldn’t use or touch because of my skin sensitivity and allergies. It was a mess and was the last thing I wanted to face.

When I entered my new tack area, the first thing I did was clean it from top to bottom. I washed the walls, took down every bridle and saddle rack, cleaned every cabinet and corner. Okay, yeah, I made my sister help me. It took a while but was the best start to the new space. As I put things away, I realized that nearly every product that survived the purge could be replaced with the Equiderma brand. It felt so good to get down to a simplified version of the items I needed, without compromising anything. Going from 5-6 different brands of shampoos to just one makes everything easier, cleaner and means that I have less clutter to sift through each time I want to have a spa day for my horses. It is also nice to have everything I need accessible in one place and that comes from a brand that I fully trust.

Because the Equiderma products are designed for skin health and not just cleanliness, I was able to get rid of the extra items I thought I needed. I am down to one line of extraordinary products instead of a cluttered cabinet full of things that just partially work. My encouragement to you is to tackle the clutter! Clean it out and simplify!

Check out Andie Sue in Young Rider Magazine:

Meet Para-Dressage Rider Andie Sue

Andie Sue is a Grade 5 para equestrian from CA aiming for the Paralympics to be held in France in 2024. She is on the USEF Emerging Athletes list with 4 different horses and is working toward the USEF Development List. She is a loyal United States Pony Clubber member with her C2 level certifications in Horse Management, Dressage, Eventing and in Western. She also helps out on the family cattle ranch! Learn more about Team Equiderma’s amazing horses and riders here!


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