Mane & Tail Eczema

DESCRIPTION: This is a condition that all horse people have encountered. It is a dermatitis that is attributed to dirt and smegma build up on the dock of the tail, and the anus and genital area. It frequently is called to our attention when the horse backs up to whatever is available and begins rubbing. […]

Photosensitization / Sunburn

This is a condition in which lightly pigmented skin is susceptible to sunlight damage due to a lack of pigmentation. Horses with pink skin on muzzles, topline and faces are primary candidates for this affliction. Affected horses will show discomfort and pain, and will seek to scratch or rub the affected area. A reddening of […]

Pastern Dermatitis / Scratches / Mud Fever / Greasy Heel / Cracked Heel

            This condition presents when the skin in the hollow of the pastern becomes reddened, tender, scabby and scaly. If the area is not immediately and aggressively treated, the cracks and scabs will grow, the edges will become thickened and calloused and the horse may become lame. It is generally […]

Fistulous Withers

                              DESCRIPTION A fistula is an abnormal passage that leads from an infection within the horse’s body to the outside of the body, in the case of fistulous withers, the outside of the horse’s withers. Fistulous Withers is a chronic inflammatory disease of the bursa, […]

Rain Rot or Rain Scald

Rain rot on a horse

                     Rain Rot in Horses DESCRIPTION: The organism dermatophilus congolensis causes rain rot. Dermatophilus congolensis is not a fungus. It is an actinomycetes, which behaves like both bacteria and fungi. A horse who has this organism on his skin may or may not develop a case […]

Sweet Itch & Mane and Tail Itching

                        Sweet Itch and Mane and Tail Itching DESCRIPTION: Also known as Queensland Itch, Sweet Itch, Muck itch, Seasonal Recurrent Dermatitis, Summer Itch or Culicoides Hypersensitivity. Who can rest easy when you see your horse being used as a mobile food cart and driven […]

Neck Threadworm

DESCRIPTION: On any ivermectin or moxidectin wormer you’ll see a list of parasites. At the end you will see the words Onchocerca Microfilariae, commonly known as neck threadworm. Like something out of a sci-fi movie, they live in your horse’s nuchal ligament. The nuchal ligament runs the entire length of the neck, from poll to […]

Ringworm & Fungus in Horses

RINGWORM IN HORSES DESCRIPTION: Fungus or ringworm presents as hairless patches with crusty, scabby skin. These lesions are most common on the face, neck, shoulders, chest, or under the saddle or girth, but can appear anywhere on the body. The affected areas may become sore and itchy, though sometimes they cause no discomfort at all. […]

Cannon Bone Scurf / Keratosis / Crud

                                DESCRIPTION: How sweet it is to give your horse an awesome grooming, step back and see the visual fruits of your labor. A glowing coat and silky mane and tail is a wondrous thing to behold. Your elbow grease […]

When is Scratches NOT Scratches

WHEN IS SCRATCHES NOT TYPICAL SCRATCHES? In my business I talk with many people about the problems they are having with their horse. Often someone will call with the belief their horse has scratches, but it has been totally unresponsive to treatment. This raises a red flag for me. Treatment with Equiderma Neem Shampoo, Skin […]

Pets & Avocados

      Did You Know? Avocado contains a toxic ingredient that could cause illness or death in horses and unwanted symptoms in cats and dogs. Toxic Ingredient While it doesn’t matter what it’s called, experts with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals names the toxic ingredient in avocados as persin. […]

Equiderma’s Sparkling February Fan of the Month Q&A

Hi Sparkles! We are so happy and elated that you are such an amazing part of the Equiderma community. You were an easy pick for Equiderma’s first “Fan of the Month”. We love your love for your horses and Equiderma! Can you tell us about them? Sparkles:  I could go on and on about the […]

Beneath a Ruin Lies a Treasure – The Story of Promise

My red headed sass-master mare Promise bucked hard twice on our ride yesterday – I was so proud of her. As we rounded a bend in the road a curious black dog stuck his head out from behind a bush and BAM, she spooked and started bucking… In most circles this would seem like a […]

My Own Personal Secrets for Treating Winter Rain Rot

Winter Rain Rot brings with it a unique and frustrating challenge for horse owners.  In many parts of the United States, it is simply too cold to shampoo your horse. Your horse most especially doesn’t want to be turned into a popsicle. Occasionally I get a new rescue horse in that suffers from winter rain rot. If […]

4 Easy Ways To Make Your Horse Miserable

Ordinarily in this blog I share ideas for understanding your horse better in order to influence him more effectively. This can make the experience of riding and training more enjoyable for both of you. But if you’re dead set on simply making your horse unhappy, here are four sure ways to go about it (please […]

Equiderma Sponsors Trainer Sally Shirley in the 2016 Thoroughbred Makeover!

EQUIDERMA is PLEASED as punch to announce our SPONSORSHIP of SALLY SHIRLEY in the 2016 Thoroughbred Makeover! Sally is gently bringing along two horses – Isabella Bird (Izzy) and Sweet Southern Man (Pogue). One of them she will showcase at the event. WE GET TO PROVIDE HER WITH EQUIDERMA products TO HELP IN THEIR CARE! […]

Horse Care in Summer and in Winter

It’s possible for your horse to live outside in comfort all year long. Here’s how to adjust your basic horse care to keep your horse happy and healthy in the summer and winter months.  Horse Care in the Summer Focus on Hydration  Make sure that your horse has plenty of cool, fresh water. This may […]