EQUIDERMA is PLEASED as punch to announce our SPONSORSHIP of SALLY SHIRLEY in the 2016 Thoroughbred Makeover! Sally is gently bringing along two horses – Isabella Bird (Izzy) and Sweet Southern Man (Pogue). One of them she will showcase at the event. WE GET TO PROVIDE HER WITH EQUIDERMA products TO HELP IN THEIR CARE! THANK YOU SALLY! ~ We are honored and proud we are to be a part of your heart filled mission. Sally says it best… “Even though I have competed at the upper levels and continue to always look for that next athlete to train for that purpose, my main focus has always been to create a horse that has the skills to be a partner in any discipline.”

Sally started riding at age 2, training and teaching at 14, and a full time professional since 1984. Sally Shirley with her race horse
So what’s the Thoroughbred Makeover? Well, have you ever wondered what happens to thoroughbreds who don’t become superstars on the track? It’s a tough prospect for the average person to take a horse that has been taught to run and not much more. Many of these horses are hot as firecrackers and too much to handle. The Retired Racehorse Project exists to facilitate placement of Thoroughbred ex-racehorses in second careers by increasing demand for them in equestrian sports and serving the farms, trainers, and organizations that transition them. The Thoroughbred Makeover where trainers from all disciplines will showcase their horses takes place at the Kentucky Horse Park October 27-30, 2016.


We will be posting exciting progress reports as Sally, Isabella Bird and Sweet Southern Man come along.

Isabella Bird saying goodbye to Pimlico Race Track and off to her new life with Sally Shirley!

Isabella Bird leaving Pimlico Race Track and off to her new life with Sally Shirley

Sweet Isabella Bird ~  May your life be filled with love all of your days…

Isabela Bird race horse

“Somewhere, somewhere in times own space there must be some sweet pastured place.  Where creeks roll on and tall trees grow, somewhere forgotten horses can go.  For by the pen that guides my hand, I know good horses live again. ”



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