Alex Bauwens’s Life Lessons from the Saddle

Horsegirl Alex Bauwens performing mounted archery on a gypsy vanner horse

Life Lessons from the Saddle: How Riding Horses Prepares You for the ‘Real World’ ~brought to you by Equiderma Rider Alex Bauwens~ Not only is horseback riding fun, but it can also prepare you for personal and professional success in ways you may not have expected. Whether you currently ride horses, or you’re considering starting […]


Wolfert a friesian sport horse sponsored by Equiderma

Fly season brings no end of misery to our horses and barnyard animals. From sweet itch, summer sores and mane-and-tail-itching to truly frightening diseases like anthrax, the pesky fly wreaks havoc in our yards and stables, not to mention the pain and annoyance of biting flies. So just what exactly is the fly up to that […]

Quick Solutions for Your Horse’s Skin Problems

Equiderma Neem Horse Shampoo and Skin Lotion Combo

Good grooming and feeding practices are the key to good skin and coat health. Sometimes, this is not enough. Recognizing horse skin issues and knowing what to do when trouble comes calling is an important part of your horse’s care. Here we’ll identify the most common skin issues that plague our horses and what to […]