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I began the journey of Equiderma in 1992. Now, a full 25 years later, I’ve dedicated over half my life to bringing the most effective equine grooming products to horses and their humans.  It’s been a challenging journey on many levels, but incredibly rewarding and meaningful. To know I am able to make a difference for animals around the world is my own personal heaven.

One of my earliest memories is burying my face into a horse’s mane and inhaling the essence of a horse, there was no faking my body’s reaction to it.  It affected me… in a very deep and profound way. Since that moment of first connection, I knew horses would be an intrinsic part of my journey through life. To strongly know what you are meant to do at a young age is a tremendous gift. I never questioned it. My love for animals was clearly going to define my mission. I just didn’t know how it would manifest.

Twenty-five years ago, in Ellenton, Florida  I founded a successful training center for dressage, Telesis Equestrian Center. It was a magical place where the horses were meticulously cared for, mind, body, and spirit. Because of the equestrian center, I was privy to the plight of animals in my community.  Over time I began to take in horses, dogs, cats, birds, goats, sheep or any animal that needed my help. This became a large part of my life and ultimately, I established a 501 C3 animal rescue, Telesis Animal Rescue, and committed myself passionately to helping abused, neglected, damaged horses and other animals.  Their well-being became as important to me as my own breath.  Healing them, body and soul consumed me.

Who knew where the word rescue would take me. 

As a lifelong horse owner, I was accustomed to buying products that did little to help solve my problem.  There in a corner of the wash rack was always the evidence – dozens of half-empty old bottles gathering dust. Relics of promises from companies that didn’t care about the suffering I was faced with every day.  Every horse owner has that place where dud products go to die and are forgotten. Unfortunately, It’s all part of the equine products game. I never paid it much mind until I was faced with a barn full of sick horses who needed help. One thing abused, and neglected horses have in common is skin disease and wounds. I faced a barn full of horses with wounds, sweet itch, rain rot, scratches, sunburn, and all manner of skin disease.  My frustration grew as I spent precious dollars on over the counter and veterinary products

With so many animals relying on me I finally had enough. Necessity truly was the mother of invention and I began to create products that performed quickly, effectively, predictably and most of all painlessly. Equiderma Skin Lotion was my first product, born for my own personal use in my barns. As fate would have it, there was a business there that would enable me to help people find real solutions to their grooming challenges.

In those early days, Equiderma Skin Lotion quickly became the “go to” solution at our rescue and equestrian center. Since that time Equiderma has grown in product line and ethos. I am now able to help animals on a much broader scale. Words cannot fully express how rewarding this is. The onus for each product was a particular animal in my care. I will always remember them and am grateful for this beautiful business they helped me create.

Each and every one of our products has been carefully and intelligently formulated to deliver superior performance for a specific purpose. They are the absolute best equine grooming products on the market. Period. I would happily put my products up against any other like product with certainty they would outperform. Helping you become a better caretaker is at the core of everything we do.

In the past, you didn’t have many effective solutions when dealing with skin issues, wounds, insect bites, sunburn, sheath cleansing, mane, tail and coat care but now you do. The “old and tired” ways are just that, “old and tired” and comparatively ineffective. With Equiderma you’ll find new and incredibly effective ways of caring for your horse.I hope you’ll join me in this grooming and skin care revolution.

We back every order with our 100% Happiness Guarantee, so you can shop with confidence. If anything you purchase fails to meet your expectations in any way, just let us know and we’ll refund your money right away. No hassle, no hoops, no kidding.

With Honor and Gratitude,

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