Brownie’s Amazing Wound Recovery

The following story was submitted by Laura Bauer, a long-time Equiderma customer whose horse Brownie had injured himself one afternoon.  The photos below depict the story of his recovery.  We are glad to be a part of Brownie’s story, but most importantly we are excited that we were able to help in his quick turn-around!

This is Brownie. He is an 8 year old Quarter Horse gelding. Brownie is a sweet boy and never mean to the other horses!

One day, I came out to the barn to find that Brownie had gotten into some trouble. Seems that another horse rammed Brownie into a latch on one of the stall doors…

The result was truly horrible.

Our vet worked for 4 hours to repair the damage. He said in his 35 years of practicing, this wound was in the top 10 of the worst he had ever treated.

Brownie had a long road to recovery…or so I thought.

Day 2 brought much swelling. The cut looked so painful, I was scared to even run cool water over it. I never in my 20 years of owning horses had to deal with anything like this! I knew the stitches wouldn’t hold up for long.

The front was the first to go.

Brownie’s appetite didn’t wane. He was on 24 hour stall rest. I started him on antibiotics and waited to see what happened.

One week later. At this point I still was not cleaning the wound properly. It looked so painful and I didn’t know how to do it!

Day 10.  It was time for the vet check-up. Dr. Lewis came and showed me how to really get in there and clean it. It looked so much better when he left that day. He told me to use Betadine and flush it good. But other plans were in the works.

At this point, I sought the help of a trusted friend and creator of Equiderma, Bethany Padgett. We formulated a plan to clean the wound. I did this twice a day for the next month. The results were amazing.

Day 11. to get down to business. Bethany showed me a system to clean the wound. I would start with peroxide and drench the wound. This got things loosened up and ready for cleaning. Next I used Neem shampoo and scrubbed all the debris away, then rinsed with cool water. Next came the flushing of the pocket. The skin had ripped away from the muscle above the back wound and had a made a pocket. Bethany said infection could get in there quick so we used clorhexadine mix and a large medicine plunger and flushed out the pocket until no more debris remained.  

Day 12.  This is after cleaning and prior to ointment application. I would pat dry the area and let air dry for a few minutes. With all that washing and scrubbing, Brownie started to lose some hair above the wound. When the wound was dry I would apply the ointment thoroughly on and around the wound and in the pocket (with a smaller medicine plunger syringe). Although the ointment kept the flies off, it was the middle of summer in Florida so I gave it a couple squirts of fly spray just for good measure.

Day 19.  Not quite three weeks in here. SO AMAZING! Brownie was stalled 24/7 in a 20×10 area stall. I was cleaning the wound 2 times a day, morning and evening.

Day 25.  The pocket had almost healed at this point. No more syringe flushing. I just rinse with the water and gently rub in there with my finger to get all the gunk out.

Day 29:

July 5th:

August 16th:

September 1st: