We could not believe how shiny she was – just from the shampoo!!! It was amazing! We didn’t even need to use Show Sheen; she was THAT SHINY. My daughter had the shiniest pony at the show! I’ve always been a skeptic about a shampoo making much of a difference, but I am now a firm believer in Equiderma. Not only was Daisy beautiful and shiny for the show, she stayed that way for a couple of weeks after bathing her that one time with the shampoo! It seems to repel dust and dirt (and our pony loves to roll!) Everyone at the barn was amazed at how well the shampoo worked. I am also very pleased with every other product I ordered. The fly spray works wonderfully; I even spray it on myself to keep the bugs away. Another horse got a big chunk bit off her hind quarters and after only a few applications of the ointment, the hair was already growing back. I just used the lotion for the first time today on a horse that has rain rot. Can’t wait to see how well/quickly the lotion will work! I can honestly say I have never been this impressed with any other product(s) I have tried. I love Equiderma and highly recommend it to everyone!!