Quick Solutions for Your Horse’s Skin Problems

Equiderma Neem Horse Shampoo and Skin Lotion Combo

Good grooming and feeding practices are the key to good skin and coat health. Sometimes, this is not enough. Recognizing horse skin issues and knowing what to do when trouble comes calling is an important part of your horse’s care. Here we’ll identify the most common skin issues that plague our horses and what to […]

Thrush & Whiteline Disease

Equiderma Thrush and Whiteline Treatment application to hoof with hoof pick brush

The mid-18th century phrase “No Hoof, No Horse” still holds true for horses today.  Spring rain and melting snow result in slush and mud. This means you’ll need to pay extra attention to your horse’s hooves to prevent thrush and whiteline from gaining a foothold. Thankfully Equiderma Thrush and Whiteline Treatment can be used preventatively to ward off these infections. The most […]