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Royal Spa Treatment (temporarily does not include zinc paste, price has been adjusted)

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Shampoo: Neem Leaf Tea, Neem Seed Oil, Arnica, Pine Bark ,Basil, Chamomile, Cherry Bark

Conditioner: Neem Leaf Tea and Neem Seed Oil, Castor Oil, Jojoba, Vitamin E, Vitamin B5

Skin Lotion: Mineral oil, Chlorhexidine. Lavender Essential Oil, Trichloromethyl .2%

Horse Spray: Neem Leaf Tea, Aloe Vera Gel, Neem Oil, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Citronella, Lemon Peel, Tea Tree, Lavender

Sheath, Udder & Genital Cleanser: Neem Leaf Tea, Neem Seed Oil, Arnica, Chamomile, Basil, Pine Bark, Cherry Bark

Wound Ointment: Sunflower oil, Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, Beeswax, Vitamin E, Neem Oil, Stearic Acid, Shea Butter, Calendula Extract, Lavender Essential Oil, Lanolin

Zinc Oxide Paste: Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, Cetearyl Alcohol & Ceteareth 20, Zinc Oxide Powder, DI Water, Glycerine, ColaLipid St, Chlorhexidine Gluconate, Lavender Essential Oil, Trichloromethyl

Thrush and Whiteline Treatment: Mineral oil, Chlorhexidine, Neem Oil, Lavender Essential Oil


Shampoo ~

  1. Thoroughly wet your horse all over using warm water if at all possible. Start at the hooves and slowly direct the water up the legs before wetting the body.
  2. When the coat is wet, apply a liberal amount of shampoo and work it into the skin and coat in sections with a grooming brush, curry or sponge.
  3. If you are fighting a skin issue or this is the first time you’re bathing your horse with Equiderma Shampoo, leave on for up to 1 hour. This allows the herbs and oils to soak into the skin, adding additional benefits.
  4. Clean the sheath of your male, the vulva of your mare, and around the anus regardless of the gender of your horse. For this, use a clean cloth specifically for these areas.
  5. Rinse the shampoo until no more foamy residue remains.
  6. Dry your horse using a sweat scraper or several clean dry towels. Move it in the same direction as the growth of the hair.
  7. When your horse is as dry as possible using the above method, hand graze in the sun to finish drying.
  8.  For maximum benefit follow with Equiderma Conditioner.

Conditioner ~

  1. Add 1 cup of Equiderma Neem & Aloe Conditioner to a bucket of warm water. Blend well.
  2. Dip the tail and the dock and pour the remainder over your horse starting at the poll and slowly working your way back to the tail.
  3. Leave on and begin to massage into the coat.
  4. Wait a few minutes, up to one hour, before rinsing.
  5. Rinse mane, tail, and coat well until water runs clear.
  6. Grip the tail below the dock and spin it around to accelerate the drying or use a towel to blot dry.
  7. Wait for the mane & tail to dry fully before combing out. Don’t be concerned about losing some tail and mane hairs. Just like your own hair, there will always be some natural sloughing.

Skin Lotion ~

For all conditions listed below, please follow these instructions.

  1. Wash area thoroughly with Equiderma Neem & Arnica Shampoo to remove all dirt from the area. Allow shampoo to remain on the area for up to 1 hour with first bathing.
  2. Rinse well and towel dry.
  3. Apply Equiderma Skin Lotion and leave on.

Cannon Bone, Ear, and Face Crud –

Rain Rot –

Scratches –

Mallenders and Sallenders – Apply to crusts daily for three days. On the 3rd day use a wide-toothed comb to gently break up crusts and remove.

Mane-and-Tail itching –

Sweet Itch (insect bite reactions) –

Summer Sores-

Midline Belly Scabbing –

Mystery Hair Loss –

Ringworm –

Fungal or Bacterial Related Skin Problems –

Horse Spray ~

To help your fly spray do its work of keeping biting insects away from your horse follow these guidelines:

  1. Start with a clean horse. Curry and brush well to remove loose hair and dirt before applying repellent.
  2.  Be sure to shake the bottle well before each application, the oils sometimes separate from the neem leaf tea.
  3. Never store your fly spray in direct sunlight (even from a barn window), as sunlight will break down the active ingredients.
  4. If you are applying insect repellent to your horse before riding, tack up beforehand. If you spray his entire body and then tack up, heat and pressure in the saddle area can cause irritation to the skin.
  5. Avoid spraying your horse’s head. Instead, spray the product on a soft cloth and wipe it gently under his eyes, but not above them. For extra protection to the ears, gently massage inside and around the ears.

Zinc Oxide Paste ~

  1. Gently wash the area with Equiderma Neem & Arnica Shampoo. Leave the shampoo on for 10 minutes. Rinse and dry thoroughly.
  2. Gently remove any loose scabs.
  3. Apply a thin layer of Equiderma Zinc Oxide Paste for pastern dermatitis and sunburn. Leave on.
  4. Repeat treatment every day until condition clears and no more scabs or inflammation are present.

Wound Ointment ~ 

  1. Wash wound thoroughly with chlorhexidine scrub, be sure to get it into all nooks and crannies where infection may occur.
  2. Gently remove all loose scabs and pat dry.
  3. Apply directly to wound, being sure to get it into all nooks and crannies to prevent infection.
  4. Apply 1 – 3 times daily as necessary.

Thrush & Whiteline Treatment

  1. Pick your horse’s hooves well. Scrub the hoof thoroughly with Equiderma Neem Shampoo to remove all debris from the area. In advanced cases, it may be helpful to consult a skilled farrier to trim the hoof and remove as much infected tissue as possible.
  2. Rinse well and towel dry well.
  3. Apply Equiderma Thrush Treatment and leave on. Reapply daily until all signs of thrush are gone.

Sheath, Udder & Genital Cleanser ~ 

  1. Wet your horse’s sheath well and lubricate your hand with the Equiderma Sheath Cleanser before you start. Use a hose, without the spray attachment, and set to warm. (If you’re lucky enough to have gotten your horse to drop his penis, a cold blast of water will send it packing.) If your horse hasn’t dropped, you’ve only been cleaning the inside of the first sheath chamber. You’ll have to go deeper. In this case, you’ll need to go in up to your elbow, so be sure you’re not wearing your Sunday best. This is a messy business.
  2. There is a second inner chamber with a small opening about an inch wide. Beyond this is where the penis goes when it fully retracts. This may seem daunting, but you can do it. While watching your horse’s reaction, gently reach inside and massage your fingers back and forth around the sides of the penis and chamber wall. Carefully, explore and slide off any smegma you find there. Use more water and more cleanser as necessary.
  3. If your horse is especially dirty, apply sheath cleanser and leave it on for a few minutes. Smegma can adhere like “super glue.” If you try to pull it off right away, it can be painful for your horse. Let the cleanser do its job and begin to melt the smegma. Continue this process until the skin feels smooth and clean. Insert your hose deep into the second sheath chamber. Jostle and rinse thoroughly until water runs clear.
  4. Check for a “bean.” Gently push back the top of the penis. You’ll see or feel the bean. If it isn’t too large, it will slide out with a little help. If it is large, you’ll have to get your finger behind it and slide it out with your thumb and forefinger. Remember to rinse thoroughly after this step. Checking for a bean is essential. They can grow very large as seen in the photo below and cause great pain.
    Q: What is a bean?A: The “bean” is a common name for a specific collection of smegma in the tip of the penis. The tube that drains the urine from the bladder is called the urethra, and it protrudes slightly from the center of the head of the penis. Just above the urethra is a recess called the urethral fossa. This area extends to the left and right over the urethra, making a BEAN shaped pocket. Smegma can accumulate within this space, and needs to be removed periodically. Sometimes there is just a small amount of buildup – small beans. In severe cases, the bean can accumulate into a large mass that compresses down onto the tip of the urethra, squashing the opening and making urination painful. Typically, these horses have a flat spray instead of a stream when urinating, and rarely drop. The beans can become as large as a walnut if neglected. Below is a picture of 2 beans removed from a horse’s penis. They are sitting on a 2-inch fence rail. This gives you an idea of how big they can get when sheath cleaning is neglected. This horse was unable to drop his penis, had an irregular urine stream, and a foul odor coming from his sheath area.

    GREAT JOB! You’ve learned a crucial lesson in horse husbandry. Next time your horse drops be proud of how bright and shiny everything is down there, and know you’ve done a great thing to ensure his health and comfort.


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Royal Spa Treatment (temporarily does not include zinc paste, price has been adjusted)


Equiderma Royal Spa Treatment –

All 8 Jewels in the Equiderma Crown

“The most coveted products in the barn”

Equiderma Sulfate-Free Neem & Arnica Shampoo

Made with 100% active ingredients, starting with a base of neem leaf tea –  our powerful Ayurvedic based formulation is more than just a traditional cleansing shampoo. Designed to improve the condition of the skin, without stripping the natural oils essential for a shiny, glossy, healthy coat.

Use our shampoo to calm hives, soothe sweet itch and insect bite hypersensitivity, control mites in feather, and to inhibit the growth of bacterial, fungal and dermatophyte based skin issues. Use as part of your regular grooming regimen or as part of our system to attack skin problems. This seven-course meal for your horse’s skin deeply nourishes and protects and imparts a long-lasting shine.

Rinses away quickly in one pass.

32 ounce


Equiderma Neem & Aloe Conditioner for Mane, Tail & Coat

Drench your horse’s skin and coat in nourishment with our powerhouse formula. This naturally hydrating and detangling conditioner strengthens, softens and soothes your horse’s skin, mane, tail, and coat all at once to a silky, glossy glow while promoting healthier skin by alleviating dryness, itching, and dandruff. Watch as your horse’s coat dries to a brilliant shine.

Equiderma Neem & Aloe Conditioner also packs plenty of brawn by helping to heal skin problems like rain rot, mane and tail itching, and other skin problems that plague your horses. It’s the perfect treatment for all-around great care. Great for all your barnyard friends including dogs.

32 ounce


Equiderma Skin Lotion

aka, love potion or magic in a bottle

Equiderma Skin Lotion is revered by equestrians worldwide. Our formula works like magic on rain rot, scratches, mallenders/sallenders, mane and tail itching, sweet itch (insect bite reactions), summer sores, dandruff, cannon bone, ear and face crud, midline belly scabbing, mystery hair loss, ringworm, and many other fungal or bacterial skin infections. This broad-spectrum antifungal, antibacterial lotion gets the job done fast, predictably, reliably and best of all painlessly.

16 ounce


Equiderma Neem & Aloe Herbal Horse Spray

For Horse & Rider

An all-natural, eco-safe formula backed by the power of neem leaf and neem seed oil, aloe gel, citronella, eucalyptus, tea tree, lemongrass, lemon peel, and lavender that smells great and will never leave a greasy, oily residue. Use it with confidence to protect yourself, your horse and all your barnyard animals.

Our formula not only provides great protection against biting insects but the essential oils are also great for protecting the skin from fungal and bacterial skin issues.

Tested in the harsh environment of the Florida Everglades for maximum effectiveness.

32 ounce


Equiderma Calendula & Neem Wound Ointment

Equiderma Wound Ointment is a must-have in your medicine cabinet. It visibly amplifies wound healing, stops proud flesh from developing, minimizes scarring, reduces pain, and keeps flies out of wounds. Our proven healing phenomenon is specially formulated with calendula flower petals, one of ancient ayurvedic medicine’s most revered and sacred plants. You’ll see a noticeable progression of steady healing every day. Plus, it’s a great treatment regimen for common skin rashes and sores. From your barn, farm, ranch or home, this ointment is the perfect go-to solution. It’s your new best friend in times of trouble.

16 ounce


Equiderma Zinc Oxide Paste

Pastern Dermatitis & Sunburn

Equiderma Zinc Oxide Paste is a powerful and potent treatment in the fight against pastern dermatitis, also known as scratches, greasy heel, dew poisoning, or mud fever.

It’s antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-dermatophyte properties help you overcome the heartbreak and frustration of scratches. It creates a water-resistant barrier while providing a 100% U/V ray protection an important factor when dealing with scratches on white legs. It stays in place and creates a healthy environment for healing to take place. Also, it is great for sunburn protection for fair-skinned horses.

16 ounce


Equiderma Sheath, Udder & Genital Cleanser

Equiderma Sheath, Udder & Genital Cleanser cuts through smegma like a hot knife through butter, making this part of your horse’s care infinitely easier.  It reduces inflammation and provides antioxidant benefits to help soothe delicate tissue.

32 ounce

Thrush & Whiteline Treatment

Our formula works like magic on Thrush. This broad-spectrum formula gets the job done fast, predictably, reliably and painlessly. We offer a 100% Happiness Guarantee. If for any reason you aren’t happy with the results, return within 30 days and we’ll refund your money.

16 ounce


At Equiderma your happiness is at the core of everything we do.

If for any reason you’re not happy with the results, we’ll refund your money.

No hoops, no hassle, no kidding!