This week we received the following email with an update from Palomino at Wild Horses In Need, a non-profit for wild horses:

Hi Bethany,
Just wanted to take a minute and say THANK YOU, not only to you and your company but to all the folks who helped us save the last 18 horses, by sharing their love and support.
I am attaching pictures of some of the kids your donations directly helped save. Without the funds we received from you and your Equiderma Family, these lives would have been lost. The gray was used for “tripping”. As you can see in the photo collage below, she has injuries covering every part of her. The babies we do not pick up, end up like this or being used for dog food. She is one of last year’s yearlings. Even after being beaten and roped, she is still the sweetest little mare, although pretty darn scared. She is covered in scars and wounds.
Yearling from horse rescue
horses rescued from wild mustang round up
horses and their foals saved from wild mustang round up
The grey, “Cassie” (who is the tripping horse shown above) and the bay with the baby were in too “poor of shape” to ship, so they would have been sold for dog food.
We spent over $2000 to save them, and there were 18 of them this last trip. The vet bill was over $1900, and that is not including transportation, feed etc. So we cannot thank everyone enough for stepping up to make it possible to save these lives. (Not all of them are in the photos, and we also had 4 more we had to pick up at the same time).
I will get individual “thank you’s” out the second I have a chance, but for now, please accept our sincerest thanks for making it possible to save these lives. Each and every one of them is precious and none of them deserved to be on that slaughter truck. (These babies are over 400 pounds so they could have either been shipped or sold for tripping)
God bless and thank you. You can go to our website at to follow what we are doing or send me an email requesting our regular updates if anyone wants to keep helping us “git ‘er done”. Right now we have 29 horses and Matt is picking up the last 11 in a couple of days. My (rescue) truck was in the shop so my husband was using his personal truck, and now that has to go back in the shop again. So he had to turn around last week, after only driving about an hour. He has since picked up the rescue truck and is delivering two donkey’s to CA and then he will be heading up to WA.
When he gets home we will have 40 horses, with 13 leaving in the near future. But we are still looking at close to $3,000 a month for feed and hay as we have a lot of special needs kids at this time. Our goal is to place as many horses as we can once they are healthy and ready for their new home, but in the meantime, we have vet bills for dentals on the old kids and gelding some of the new ones. We are so blessed to have the amazing support that we do, and we want to thank Bethany and all of y’all, whether you donated directly or bought product. These last 18 were literally saved because of you guys. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

woman holding up horse rescue donation

Thank you for making it possible to save so many lives this last year. We so appreciate all you do and the love and support that makes what we do possible. THANK YOU FROM ALL OF US! Palomino, Matt & all the Critters

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