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Equiderma Barn Dog Conditioner with Neem and Castor Oil, Pet Grooming Supplies

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Equiderma Barn Dog Conditioner with Neem and Castor Oil, Pet Grooming Supplies


  • A HEALTHY COAT: Your pup deserves the best, which is what we strive to provide at Equiderma. Our Barn Dog Grooming Products are specially designed to give your dog a sleek, shiny, healthy coat. One wash with our conditioner and you’ll notice a significant difference in the overall health of your dog’s fur and skin!
  • SOFT, SILKY COAT: By nature, most dogs like to get dirty. After a day of exploring – rolling in grass, mud or anything stinky they can find, your dog’s coat can become very dirty, even filthy, and matted. This behavior can also open the door to all manner of skin issues. Cot skin problems off before they have a chance to develop with Equiderma Neem Barn Dog Conditioner. This conditioner will revitalize your dog’s coat, leaving it smelling clean and fresh and feeling soft and silky while helping
  • HELPS TREAT DOG’S SKIN CONDITIONS: As dog lovers ourselves, we know that watching dogs suffer from any kind of skin issue can be tough. Fortunately, we can help your dog get relief with our Barn Dog Neem Conditioner. This conditioner can help relieve itching, ringworm, hotspots, and mange, malassezia, and sebaceous adenitis.
  • EASY TO USE: This conditioner is great for all types of pets, including dogs, horses, and other animals. It is cruelty-free with a safe, non-toxic formula. To use, apply a dollop of Barn Dog Neem Conditioner after using Barn Dog Neem Shampoo. Then, massage it into your dog’s skin and coat. Finally, rinse and dry.
  • GENTLE HUMAN-GRADE INGREDIENTS: Dogs belong in nature — and nature belongs in their care regimen. That’s why we use only the most natural ingredients, Containing 100% active ingredients starting with a base of strong neem leaf tea, neem oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, vitamin E and vitamin B-5. These powerful natural agents get to the heart of skin issues a get the job done.