Great for Both Horse & Rider!

Made With Certified Organic Essential Oils – Concentrated Organic Neem Leaf Tea, Neem Oil, Aloe Vera Gel, Lemongrass, Lemon Peel, Tea Tree, Citronella, Eucalyptus & Lavender

My 13 yr old Quarter Horse Julio! LOVES his Equiderma insect repellent spray! Equiderma spray keeps Julio’s coat nice and shiny as well as repels those nasty flies, gnats, and mosquitoes! Works better than any spray we’ve ever used! I use it as well and LOVE the smell and the fact it isn’t oily like most human insect repellents are! Thanks for a GREAT product!!!KathyK

“It’s like having a liquid fly sheet on your horse.” I have spent a large fortune on fly products EVERY YEAR to no avail. I was ready to give up then found Equiderma. I love the natural ingredients and the scent is wonderful. But even more wonderful is that it actually WORKS!! It is the ONLY fly spray I will be using from here on out. Highly recommend.RUEPrescott, Arizona, US

Phoenix Phoenix is a rescue from about a month ago that has a terrible issue with Flies. They love him! I have tried everything including Apple Cider Vinegar so as a last resort I ordered the fly spray from Equiderma and it really works! It’s the only spray that has worked to keep the flies off of him! I love Equiderma and will continue to use it!Mary

No flies bugging these guys today- thanks to Equiderma!! The fly spray worked great for hours, with no nasty chemical smell!!hsmith17

Lovely Lily For the longest time I’ve wanted to use a less toxic fly spray on my horses. I tried the Avon Skin So Soft recipes, which made me gag and made my horse’s big greasy dirt balls. I came across a lot of recommendations for Equiderma’s fly spray on social media and I figured I had nothing to loose. After all, the chemical counterparts do nothing but poison my horses. After receiving my order I wasn’t terribly impressed because I still saw flies buzzing around the horses. Well..the other day I was planning on riding so I only sprayed the one horse who would remain in the pasture thinking I would spray my mare when I tack up. I came back about 30 minutes later to take her up to the barn and my gelding was grazing happily but my mare was stomping her feet and madly swishing her tail. I could hardly take 3 steps at a time before she would have to stop to reach her head around to swat at the dozens of flies on her body. So much for not being convinced that this stuff works! I just proved to myself that it really does work and the horses aren’t big greasy dirt balls.Hafi_Lover