The best conditioner you can use on horses is the conditioner that is made for them. Don’t use human conditioner on horses; use products for horse coats, manes, and tails.

There aren’t many animals on this earth as majestic, beautiful, or powerful as horses. Do you know of many animals that can carry you on their backs while jumping fences or hedges and galloping at around 40 miles an hour? We can’t think of any others, either. All that running, jumping, and exercise can leave horses and humans alike pretty dirty. Luckily, keeping horses clean is our specialty at Equiderma. And when it comes to caring for your horse, here are our best tips for their cleanliness.

On Washing Your Horse (including the Best Shampoo for Horses)

Horses have hair, not fur. And yes, ultimately, you can use human hair care products such as shampoo and conditioner on a horse. But do we recommend it? Not necessarily. Just as human shampoos and conditioners are engineered for humans, there are shampoo and conditioner products specifically created for horses that can give your horse’s coat special care that human products won’t. That being said, there are plenty of people out there who work with and take care of horses who use human shampoo and conditioner to keep their animals clean. We’re not saying it doesn’t work. But we are saying there are other, better options. At Equiderma, we design horse hair care products with your horses in mind. But whether you choose human products or equine products, the following tips on washing your horse will be beneficial.

Use Warm Water, Not Cold Water

Would you like to wash your hair with cold water? Probably not. Imagine getting washed all over with cold water. Not fun. So, use warm water when washing your horse, and use a sponge or similar washing appliance.

Wash Twice

The first wash will be to remove the dust and dirt that have gathered on the surface of your horse. The second wash can utilize a nicer shampoo that will remove or lighten any stains or discolored patches. Speaking of a nicer shampoo, Equiderma’s unique blend will get the cleansing job done right. Designed to improve the condition of your horse’s skin without stripping the natural oils essential for a shiny, glossy, healthy coat, our Sulfate-Free Neem & Arnica Shampoo is perfect for all skin types, including the sensitive ones.

Don’t Wash Too Often

Yeah, our shampoo is good. But anything done in excess is bad. So don’t wash your horse too often. Lighter-colored horses might need more frequent washes, but those with darker coats don’t need it. Just like human hair can wear and tear and lose its luster with too frequent of washes, horse hair can do the same.

Use Conditioner

Washing your horse can leave its skin exposed. A good dose of conditioner can fix that. Simply apply it for a few minutes and then rinse it off. We have conditioners for manes, tails, and coats, as well as aloe sprays and skin lotion perfect for giving your horse’s skin and hair a moisturizing treatment. They’ll need it after a good wash.

Be Careful

Your horse is unique, so it has unique skin and coat needs, just like every human does for their hair and skin. Our tips are offered as guidelines for you to use as you figure out what works best for your particular horse. There will be horses—just as there are humans—with sensitivities. Equiderma’s got you covered in that regard too.

Horse Itchy Skin Treatment and Other Sensitivities

Horses can suffer from a variety of skin conditions, such as dandruff and mystery hair loss, mallenders and sallenders, mane and tail itching, neck threadworm, rain rot or rain scald, ringworm, scratches, and sweet itch. As such, the best-medicated horse shampoo and other treatments are going to be different for different situations. Horse itchy skin treatment, for example, can be treated with Equiderma’s Neem & Aloe Natural Horse Spray, in addition to the complete set of Neem & Aloe Natural shampoo and conditioners. But don’t take our word for it: shop our products today, and discover for yourself why Equiderma’s products are the most recommended for horse grooming.


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