From Wound to Remedy – Read Brownie’s Wound Care Journey

LITTLE BROWNIE’S AWESOME WOUND RECOVERY JOURNEY … As told by his Mom ~ Laura Meet Laura, a long-time Equiderma customer and her little quarter horse gelding, Brownie with his friend Chance. Brownie was injured while being bullied by another horse. The photos below depict the progression of Brownies wound from day one to full recovery. […]

What is the Difference Between Strangles in Horses and Pigeon Fever in Horses

Strangles in horses and pigeon fever in horses are both serious, but neither are typically life threatening equine illnesses. Luckily, both can be prevented. Having horses is not just a pastime or hobby, it is a way of life that instills a love and passion unique to the equine world. When a horse gets sick, […]

Horse Grooming Basics

Learn how to take care of your horse with our breakdown on horse grooming and care. Have you ever been to a dressage competition? Or seen some of the racing horses before they go out on the track? Horses are naturally beautiful animals, but even more so when they’re groomed, brushed, and ready to go. […]

How to Braid Your Horse’s Mane and Tail

There is nothing like the bond between a horse and their human. The time you spend learning to braid your horse’s mane and tail will be time spent strengthening that bond. Time spent with your BEFF (Best Equine Friend Forever) as you delicately weave horse mane braids and horse tail braids can be therapeutic for […]

How to Treat Your Dog’s Dry Skin

Even though your dog might have a thick coat of hair, that doesn’t mean their skin isn’t susceptible to getting dry and and having dandruff – especially in the winter time. Be sure you know how to look for and treat your dog’s dry skin conditions. Any dog owner knows that if not addressed, one […]

Can You Use Human Conditioner On Horses?

The best conditioner you can use on horses is the conditioner that is made for them. Don’t use human conditioner on horses; use products for horse coats, manes, and tails. There aren’t many animals on this earth as majestic, beautiful, or powerful as horses. Do you know of many animals that can carry you on […]

Rain Rot in Horses: Detection, Treatment, & Preventing It Before It Happens

RAIN ROT IS THE MOST COMMON BACTERIAL SKIN DISEASE IN HORSES. THE EXPERTS AT EQUIDERMA SHARE HOW YOUR HORSE CAN DEVELOP IT, TREAT IT, AND PREVENT IT BEFORE IT HAPPENS. While spending time in a pasture can work wonders for your horse’s mental health and well-being, if you live in an area with wet or […]