Equiderma Sponsors Trainer Sally Shirley in the 2016 Thoroughbred Makeover!

EQUIDERMA is PLEASED as punch to announce our SPONSORSHIP of SALLY SHIRLEY in the 2016 Thoroughbred Makeover! Sally is gently bringing along two horses – Isabella Bird (Izzy) and Sweet Southern Man (Pogue). One of them she will showcase at the event. WE GET TO PROVIDE HER WITH EQUIDERMA products TO HELP IN THEIR CARE! […]

4 Easy Ways To Make Your Horse Miserable

Ordinarily in this blog I share ideas for understanding your horse better in order to influence him more effectively. This can make the experience of riding and training more enjoyable for both of you. But if you’re dead set on simply making your horse unhappy, here are four sure ways to go about it (please […]

My Own Personal Secrets for Treating Winter Rain Rot

Winter Rain Rot brings with it a unique and frustrating challenge for horse owners.  In many parts of the United States, it is simply too cold to shampoo your horse. Your horse most especially doesn’t want to be turned into a popsicle. Occasionally I get a new rescue horse in that suffers from winter rain rot. If […]

5 Reasons to Try Equiderma

In the equine world, product after product promises to alleviate skin issues, fight off fungus, and provide preventative care for your horse. Yet most products, whether over the counter or prescribed by vets, prove to be subpar and ineffective. Even worse, when these products fail to deliver on their claims, your animal continues to suffer. […]

Sweet Itch: Sweet In Name Only

As seasoned veterans of the skin care wars Equiderma understands how tough the fight to protect your horse’s skin can be. Matter of fact, our flagship product, Equiderma Skin Lotion, was created for an Andalusian mare named Sahara with the worst case of sweet itch we’ve ever seen. Neither veterinary care or over the counter meds helped […]

Horse Rescue: Orphaned Foals from Wild Mustang Slaughter

10% of all sales in October 2018 will go to Chilly Pepper Miracle Mustang Rescue. Please help them! These babies have been through more horror than any horse should see in a lifetime. Some of them are only a month or two old. We had hoped to be able to slowly raise funds and make […]